Bottlelink - the only non-porous baby bottle and sippy cup holder on the market!

Bottlelink can help you protect your baby against germs and flu such as the H1N1.

Bottlelink is a patented device that connects to your baby's high chair, stroller, jump up toy, or any other place that your baby drinks his or her bottle. Bottlelink prevents your baby's bottle from being thrown onto the floor. If your baby does throw their bottle, Bottlelink will catch it before it hits the floor. Your baby can then still access the bottle by pulling it back up.


Bottlelink prevents your baby from ingesting germs, dirt and hair from a bottle nipple that has hit the floor - especially from a public place. Unlike nylon strap holders, Bottlelink will not harbor bacteria. It's much safer for your baby.

Bottlelink is a Mom and Dad invented product - developed out of necessity. The inventors of Bottlelink are a military family stationed overseas. We're unable to sell Bottlelink out of our military post office box, so we're looking to partner with a manufacturers/reatailers. If you are a manufacturer interested in licensing Bottlelink, contact Bottlelink today.



Bottlelink has been featured in Parents Magazine and on as Dad's Favorite Baby Gear